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(Revised 2019-01-03)

FactSage is a fully integrated database computing system in chemical thermodynamics and consists of a variety of information, database, calculation and manipulation modules that access various pure substances and solution databases. It is installed at hundreds of industrial, governmental and academic sites around the world.

FactSage is employed in materials science, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research. For details on the latest version FactSage 7.2 visit

The FactSage Education 7.2 Package - FactSageEdu presented here is the Free FactSage 7.2 Demonstration Version.

It is a demonstration package for those interested in finding out more about FactSage 7.2. It is ideally suited for teaching thermochemistry in universities.

The FactSage Education 7.2 Package (Version 1.0) was released in September 2018.

For information on the package and details on how to download and install FactSage Education 7.2 on your computer visit FactSage Education Package

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