What's New in FactSage 6.2 ?

(Revised November 9, 2010)

FactSage 6.2 was released in November 2010. The FactSage 6.2 Update/Installation program permits you to upgrade/refresh any version of FactSage to FactSage 6.2. You can also install FactSage 6.2 directly on to a new PC. Prior to FactSage 6.0 it was necessary to first install the original FactSage 5.0 package (April 2001) - this is no longer the case.

What follows is a list of the more important programming and database changes in FactSage 6.2 (November 2010) with respect to FactSage 6.1 (May 2009).

  • FactSage 6.2 Update/Installation/Menu

  • General

  • View Data

  • Compound

  • Solution

  • OptiSage

  • Equilib

  • FactOptimal

  • Phase Diagram

  • Viscosity
  • Databases

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