FactSage Workshop 8.2 - FactSageWS

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(Revised July 2022)

FactSage Workshop 8.2 - FactSageWS - gives free access to the FactSage 8.2 Apps and Databases for a limited period of time - typically 3-5 days. It is completely independent and has no effect on any other FactSage version installed on the computer such as FactSage 8.2 or FactSageEdu.

FactSage is a fully integrated database computing system in chemical thermodynamics and consists of a variety of information, database, calculation and manipulation modules that access various pure substances and solution databases. It is installed at hundreds of industrial, governmental and academic sites around the world.

FactSage is employed in materials science, pyrometallurgy, hydrometallurgy, electrometallurgy, corrosion, glass technology, combustion, ceramics, geology, etc. It is used internationally in graduate and undergraduate teaching and research. For details on the latest version FactSage 8.2 visit www.FactSage.com

  • FactSage Workshop 8.2 - Summary

  • FactSage Workshop 8.2 - Restrictions

  • How to install FactSage Workshop 8.2 on your computer

  • Running FactSage Workshop 8.2

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  • FactSageWS - Summary

    FactSage Workshop 8.2 (FactSageWS) is a free version of FactSage 8.2 with some restrictions on the FactSage 8.2 Apps and Databases. Complete details on FactSage 8.2 are given at www.FactSage.com

    The FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package of software, databases and documentation contains over 17,000 files and runs under Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11 - all 32- and 64-bit. We recommend the laptop has at least 1 GB Memory (RAM), 1 GB free disk space and that the processor runs above 1 GHz.

    After downloading the FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package you must install the program in the folder c:\FactSageWS. It is NOT permitted to install the package in any other folder (e.g. "Program Files", etc.) or on the network server. It is NOT permitted to update/refresh an existing FactSageWS installation.

    Each time you run FactSageWS the program accesses www.factsage.com in order to validate the package. FactSageWS will then remain open for up to 8 hours. The laptop may then be moved into a class room where there is no access to the internet and you can continue running FactSageWS as long as you do not close (quit) it.

    FactSageWS - Restrictions

    How to install FactSage Workshop 8.2 on your computer

    In order to install FactSage Workshop 8.2 on your computer you must perform 3 tasks:

  • 1. Download FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package
        - download and save the file CD-FactSageWS82*.exe (approx. size 425 MB)

  • 2. Extract the setup files
        - run CD-FactSageWS82*.exe and extract the setup files

  • 3. Install FactSage Workshop 8.2
        - run Setup-FactSageWS.exe and install the program in C:\FactSageWS

    1. Download FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package

    The workshop organizer will email you details on how to Download FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package.

    After downloading CD-FactSageWS82*.exe you are ready to extract the setup files.

    2. Extract the setup files

    If a previous version of FactSageWS is stored on your computer:

    1. you must delete the folder c:\FactSageWS

    2. you must delete the sub-folder \CD-FactSageWS82\ stored the temporary directory

    Failure to clean out the old workshop files may result in a corrupt installation.

    CD-FactSageWS82*.exe is a self-extractor that creates the setup files for the FactSage installation.

    When you first run CD-FactSageWS82*.exe you may be blocked by Windows Defender or other antivirus software.

    Make sure you are running CD-FactSageWS82*.exe that was downloaded above (1. Download FactSage Workshop 8.2 Package).

    To continue click More info and then click Run anyway.

    Run CD-FactSageWS82*.exe and enter the name of a temporary destination folder where the extracted files are to be stored.

    For example C:\Temp
    - do NOT extract into C:\FactSage, C:\FactSageWS or C:\FactSage82, etc. If the temporary folder does not exist it will be created automatically.

    Press Install to start the extraction.

    This will create the following folder and files
          Setup-FactSage.exe, ShowMe.htm, ReadMe.htm, Config.dat, Configs.dll, Configs.txt ... etc.
    and the sub-folders

    3. Install FactSage Workshop 8.2

    Run Setup-FactSageWS.exe to start the FactSage Workshop Setup Wizard.

    Click on 'Yes' and use the default settings. This will install FactSage Workshop 8.2 in the folder c:\FactSageWS

    If a previous version already exists in c:\FactSageWS you must first delete the folder - you can not update/refresh any FactSageWS that is currently installed on the computer.

    When finished click on the FactSage Workshop icon (or open c:\FactSageWS\FactSage.exe) to run FactSage Workshop 8.2.

  • Running FactSageWS

         Click the FactSage Workshop icon displayed on the screen

    or alternately open FactSage.exe located in the folder c:\FactSageWS
    - c:\FactSageWS\FactSage.exe

    Your computer must be connected to the Internet.

    When you first run FactSage the program accesses www.factsage.com in order to validate the package. This validation process is repeated periodically.

    FactSage 8.2 - News

    [www.FactSage.com] [CRCT] [GTT]