FactSage Documentation, Database documentation, FAQ,  our phone numbers, addesses,  e-mails, websites, etc. List of databases and complete database documentation. Examine Stored Compound Data (Cp(T), H, S, G, etc.) and list the solutions. Enter pure substances data(Cp(T), H298, S298, etc.) in your private compound database. Enter non-ideal mixing properties  in your private solution database. Optimization of thermodynamic and phase diagram data using the ChemSage module Calculate and plot diagrams using the ChemSage module. Gibbs energy minimization module featuring ChemSage for treating complex heterogeneous equilibrium - our most popular program. Calculate and plot 1- 2-, 3-metal EpH(Pourbaix) diagrams using compound databases. Calculate and plot isothermal 1- 2-, 3-metal predominance area diagrams using compound databases. Calculate the thermochemical properties of a species or chemical reaction. Edit mixtures and streams for input in Equilib. Manipulate, edit and plot figure and phase diagrams already calculated by FactSage. Graphics program for treating Equilib results (equi*.res) files.

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