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  • For information on FactSage, please contact the representative in your country or one of the FactSage developers.

    FactSage developers
    Canada: Germany :

    Dr. Arthur Pelton
    , Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal
    (University of Montreal)
    Dept. of Chemical Engineering
    Box 6079, Station Downtown
    Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

    H3C 3A7

    Tel: +1 (514) 340-4711 ext. 4531
    Fax: +1 (514) 340-5840

    Dr. Moritz to Baben
    Kaiserstrasse 103
    52134 Herzogenrath

    Tel: +49 -2407-59533
    FAX: +49 -2407-59661
    FactSage Representatives
    U.S.A.: Japan:
    Dr. Philip Spencer
    The Spencer Group
    PO Box 393
    Trumansburg, NY 14886

    Tel: +1 (607) 387-4038
    Fax: +1 (607) 387-4039
    Dr. Daigen Fukayama
    RCCM - Research Center of Computational Mechanics, Inc.
    Tokyu Togoshi Building
    7-1, Togoshi 1-Chome
    Tokyo 142-0041

    Tel: +81-3-3785-3023
    Fax: +81-3-3785-6066
    China: Korea:
    Dr. Zhanmin CAO
    Beijing FactTech LTD(北京泛克特科技有限公司)
    30 Xueyuan Road, Beijing

    Tel: 400-0186-958

    Prof. In-Ho Jung
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering Seoul National University
    1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 08826
    Tel: 82-2-880-7077
    Fax: 82-2-885-9671

    India South Africa:
    Tridiagonal Solutions Pvt. Limited

    Plexus, 3rd Floor
    ITI Road, Aundh
    Pune 411007

    Phone: +91-20-41432000
    Fax: +91-20-41432050
    Contact Person: Mr. Ajay Mishra
    E-mail: info@tridiagonal.com
    Marinda Zietsman
    Ex Mente Technologies (Pty) Ltd

    PO Box 10214
    South Africa
    Tel: +27 87 808 1903 or +27 83 408 2267
    Australia: Singapore:

    Dr. Eugene Jak
    Brisbane, Queensland


    Dr. Peilin Mao
    Double D Biogold Pte Ltd
    06 Pari Dedap Walk, #05-06
    Singapore 486060

    Tel: +65-9664-8096

    South America (except Brazil): Brazil:

    Dr. Nubia Cardona Valencia
    Deltamet Consultants
    3 Gloucester Crt.
    Sudbury, Ontario P3E 5M2, Canada

    Dr. Leonardo Barboza Trindade
    STE - Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento
    Rua Jaime Telles, 62 - Petrópolis
    Porto Alegre, RS, Brasil
    CEP: 90460-030
    Phone/WhatsApp: +55 51 3030-7363

  • FactSage 8.3 final version was released in October, 2023.
  • FactSage is available on CD-ROM and download for use on a PC running under Microsoft Windows.
    Minimum System Requirements: Equivalent to the minimum system requirements for running Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.
    Recommended System Requirements: Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 or above CPU: Intel Core i7 2.8 GHz (or an equivalent AMD processor) or better RAM: 16 GB or more Storage: 7200 RPM or better HDD or SSD.
  • Normally the FactSage package includes the FACT or SGTE compound and solution databases with maintenance, support and updates to programs and databases. Speciality databases are also available for steels, light metals, noble metals, etc. - for more information consult FactSage Database Documentation.
  • FactSage may be installed on any computer on a site, or on lap-tops used off-site by site personnel, where a site is defined as a plant, a research center, a divison of a major laboratory facilty, or a university department.
  • Two hardware security blocks ("dongles") are supplied. When plugged into the USB or printer port of a computer, these dongles enable FactSage to be used by that computer. The dongles can be easily moved from one machine to another. Additional dongles are available.
  • A network server installation at the site is also available.
  • Special academic rates are available.
  • For answers to Frequently Asked Questions please consult FactSage FAQ.

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