What's New in Phase Diagram

What follows are summaries of the more important programming changes in Phase Diagram that have appeared in:

FactSage 6.1 (2009)

FactSage 6.2 (2010)

FactSage 6.3 (2012)

FactSage 6.4 (2013)

FactSage 7.1 (2017)

FactSage 7.2 (2018)

FactSage 7.3 (2019)

FactSage 8.0 (2020)

FactSage 8.1 (2021)

FactSage 8.2 (2022)

FactSage 8.3 (2023)

  • Running multiple instances of Phase Diagram

    With the FactSage Add-ons menu it is now possible to run multiple instances (i.e. copies of the software) of Phase Diagram.

    That is, it is possible to have separate copies of Phase Diagram running simultaneously but independently from each other.

    This is analagous to running multiple instances of Equilib as shown elsewhere

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