FactSage 7.3
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(Revised 2019-11-10; November 10th, 2019)

The FactSage 7.3 Update/Installation (2019) package was released in March 2019.

The FactSage Education 7.3 Package - FactSageEdu is a free FactSage 7.3 Demonstration Version and was released in May 2019. For details on the education package click FactSageEdu Information

For the latest details on the programming, documentation and database changes including screen shots click What's New in FactSage 7.3

For details on changes in the FactSage Apps and Databases click What's New in Equilib, What's New in Phase Diagrams, What's New in Macro Processing and What's New in the Databases

FactSage 7.3 Report

Here we post the most recent messages about FactSage 7.3 including items not addressed in What's New in FactSage 7.3

Apart from the issues below the FactSage Apps and Databases are working as designed. There have been no other complaints or surprises.